Call for Papers

WSCAR’ 2016 reports progress and development of methodologies, technologies, planning and implementation, tools and standards in Computer Applications and Research through its various conferences.

An important goal of the symposium is to provide a solid platform for a diverse gathering of scholars, researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners where they can discuss ideas, innovations, applications and systems. This hub of scientific activity leads to more developments and research breakthroughs. The symposium makes concerted effort to reach out to participants affiliated with diverse entities (such as: universities, institutions, corporations, government agencies, and research centers/labs) from all over the world.

Call for Papers

Venue: Cairo, Egypt

WSCAR’ 2016 is dedicated to cutting edge research that addresses scientific needs of academic researchers and industrial professionals to explore new horizons of knowledge on various computer related applications and research. WSCAR’ 2016 is scheduled to include high-quality paper presentation sessions revealing the latest research findings, and to engage participants in interesting discussion sessions. We seek novel paper submissions to be presented or posted (as a poster paper) in the following 8 main international conferences hosted by WSCAR’2016 with topics broadly including, but not limited to (detailed conference topics of interest are available through their individual links at

Submission instructions are available at:

Reviewing Process: Each submitted paper will be blindly reviewed by at least two members of an international technical program committee with appropriate expertise.

Int. Conf. on Computer Medical Applications (ICCMA’ 2016 )

  • Computer-Aided Diagnosis
  • eHealth
  • Data mining in health related research
  • Medical Robotics
  • Medical Devices with Embedded Computers
  • Bioinformatics
  • Web-Based Delivery of Medical Information
  • Machine Vision in Medicine
  • Handheld Computing Applications in Medicine

Int. Conf. on Artificial
Intelligence (ICAI’ 2016)

  • Fuzzy logic and soft computing
  • Software tools for AI
  • Decision support systems
  • Brain models / cognitive science
  • Neural networks and applications
  • AI and evolutionary algorithms
  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Computational Neuroscience

Int. Conf. on Computer Technology Applications (ICCTA’ 2016)

  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Collaborative Design in Knowledge-based Environment
  • Information technology & critical systems
  • Web- and Grid-based Simulation
  • Programming Languages
  • Computer Architecture & VLSI
  • Nature Inspired Optimization Algorithms and their Applications

Int. Conf. on Signal Processing and Remote Sensing (ICSPRS’ 2016)

  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Applications (Biomedical, Bioinformatics, Genomic, Seismic, Radar, Sonar, Remote Sensing, Positioning, etc.)
  • 3D and Stereo Imaging
  • 3D and Surface Reconstruction
  • Signal Reconstruction
  • Sonar Signal Processing and Localization

Int. Conf. on Multimedia
and Wireless Communications (

  • 3D imaging, visualization, animation, virtual reality and 3DTV
  • Digital content creation and distribution
  • Graphics systems architecture
  • Human, Social, and Educational Aspects of Multimedia

Int. Conf. on Cloud
Computing and Secure Networking (ICCSN’ 2015)

  • Cloud applications
  • Cloud automation and mobility
  • Cloud serviceability and architecture
  • Grid application and deployment environments
  • Grid computing scenarios and applications in science, engineering and
  • commerce

Int. Conf. on Mobile
Technology and Innovative Systems (IC

  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile software engineering and management
  • Mobile applications for social innovation
  • Mobile cloud computing and Mobile Web
  • Mobile payments and M2M infrastructure

Int. Conf. on
Information and Intelligent Systems (ICIIS’ 2016)

  • Data Mining & Data Warehouses
  • Database Security and Transaction Support 
  • Databases and Information Systems
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Intelligent Systems and Applications
  • Information Systems Analysis and Specification