WSCAR’ 2014 Symposium on Computer Applications & Research

from 18-20 January, in the beach city of Sousse, Tunisia

Symposium Package at El Mouradi Club

Historical Sites

Sousse has a long history, dating back over 2,800 years, and has a great deal of character.It was developed in the 1960s as a tourist destination and now has a great deal to offer from its historic Old Town and Medina to the busy port and local sandy beaches.


Welcome to WSCAR’ 2014 – IEEE Tunisia Section Technical co-sposnor



cooltext1044513786WSCAR’ 2014 is a symposium on Computer Applications & Research, from 18-20 January, in the beach city of Sousse, Tunisia. The symposium is hosting multiple conferences in different areas of Computer Applications and Research.

WSCAR promises to be an interesting and exciting scientific event. Research from around the globe are interested in sharing their unpublished, fresh and in-depth ideas. Make sure you are part of this strong event!

 Visit WSCAR’ 2014 Conferences :

International Conference on Computer Medical Applications ICCMA' 2014

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence ICAI'2014

International Conference on Computer Technology Applications ICCTA' 2014

International Conference on Signal Processing and Remote Sensing ICSPRS' 2014

International Conference on Multimedia and Wireless Communications ICMWC' 2014

International Conference on Cloud Computing and Secure Networking ICCSN' 2014

International Conference on Mobile Technology and Innovative Systems ICMTIS' 2014

International Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems ICIIS' 2014

Journal Publications:

The Editors of the following journals welcome the submission of extended versions of papers that WSCAR’ 2014 program committee deems excellent.

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Journal of Information Systems
Impact Factor: 1.768
5-Year Impact Factor: 1.838

ISSN: 0306-4379


AI journalJournal of Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Impact Factor: 1.625

5-Year Impact Factor: 1.947
ISSN: 0952-1976


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